We have added three new collections with carefully hand-selected artistic images which are most suitable as home decor wall art, bedroom wall art and framed fine art prints. You can see the new collections at the bottom of this post.

Now our images can be purchased as printed Wall Tapestries, which is a new addition to our selection of unframed prints, framed and matted art prints, canvas wrap wall art, acrylic displays and gift cards.

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We have a very special Holiday promotion of our newly released Yoga Deep Meditation app. Only until the end of this year you can get it at iTunes for 30% of its value.

We are happy to contribute to peace and mindfulness of our world with this little gesture. We all can make our life better by learning about our deeper selves and our interconnectedness with everything in the universe by starting our regular daily meditation routine.

You can find it by following the iTunes link Yoga Deep Meditation or search for 'Yoga Deep Meditation' in the app store.
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We are testing the new, SmartFrame image embedding technology, on our website.
This is exciting news for all photographers and artists.

Our conclusions so far.

- a good quality image is displayed with the photographer's copyright credit, and image description
- a link to license the image or buy a print is given inside the SmartFrame
- image copying and screenshot protection without a distracting watermark
- theft proof detail zoom-in and hi-res, full screen preview options are available

- the buy button is wired through the SmartFrame website which doesn't help your website with SEO backlinks
- the SmartFrame is essentially an iframe object custom rendered on the SmartFrame's website, which means it improves SEO for the other party but not for your website. It also doesn't help with SEO in image search, which is important for websites that have images as the main source of interest on their pages.
- the SmartFrame images load slowly and create a blank gap in a webpage design while loading
- you need to upload the source images to SmartFrame website and create smart frames from there, which means giving an access to unprotected, full resolution media to a third party
- sharing is available only through their share button, however sharing an image on pinterest creates an unprotected crop of the image without any watermarks. Thus a watermark is necessary to protect from such sharing, which renders the whole SmartFrame theft protection system redundant and useless.

Overall, we like the functionality, the copyright protection and attribution, but in our opinion this should be done directly from the image supplier's website and not through a third party. A standard, integrated smart image object needs to be created and adopted as a mainstream web element that carries all this information and is linked directly to the source.

The displayed image is © Alex Maxim and can be found in our Japan travel photography collection:
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Tags: maiko, kyoto, japan

We have just released an absolutely unique, versatile and inspiring yoga meditation app to assist you on your inner journeying. Yoga Deep Meditation app offers an extensive and in-depth guide to the most prominent yoga meditation techniques, with detailed and interactive visuals and information on chakras and mudras.

Please use the iTunes link Yoga Deep Meditation or search for 'Yoga Deep Meditation' in the app store.

Just as peace is the inherent nature of this world, which rather than being "made" needs to be realized ("real eyes-ed", perceived with the eyes of the heart); silence is the natural state of our mind. Peace is amidst all chaos and conflict, whether we realize it or not our whole planet is blanketed in peace. It's what becomes apparent once we remove humans from the environment; we are immediately struck with the resonance of peace. The same way silence is in the heart of the whirlwind of our minds. Our minds have the innate ability to be quiet and meditation is the surest way to harness it. Our task therefore is not to change our mind and make it more peaceful but to rise above it and realize the ever-peaceful Self. When we are quiet within, we are in touch with our true Self, our genius.

Meditation is the state in which we systematically allow our minds to return to their natural state of stillness. The word systematically is of paramount importance because meditation is not a meditation unless it is a habit. We have strayed too far from our still point. Our minds are freeways, generating thoughts from the moment we wake up and until we fall asleep at night and well into our dreaming state. Our nervous system is thus full of obstructions, imprints and impurities that block our natural state from manifesting in the world. This makes it hard to see or sometimes even to believe that we possess a natural capacity to be still and silent. The silent seed within us needs to be awakened.

The effects of meditation, as of any other spiritual practice, are cumulative. It means that only through regular honest practice full of intent will we gradually see our inner silence manifesting in our daily lives. It is akin to digging for gold. The digging process doesn't resemble the treasure chest full of gold, but it is the digging that gets us to it! So let's dig in!

Chakras and energy flow on human body
Chakras symbols and energy flow on human body
Woman meditating in lotus pose silhouette with Chakras and energy flow
Meditating Woman with Chakra Flowers Growing from Root
Chakras Shown as Flowers on Stem Growing From Root
Yoga meditation with Chakras symbols and energy flow on human body in purple colors
Yoga meditation conceptual illustration with chakras and energy flow on human body
Woman practicing morning sunrise meditation on the water
Woman practicing yoga meditation on the water with butterfly on her hand
Sanskrit Om or Aum symbol of the crown chakra Japanese Zen Sumi-e painting on white rice paper
Sanskrit Om or Aum sacred symbol in Yoga artistic design in warm orange red colors
Woman meditating in the morning sunrise in the nature
Woman meditating with a quartz crystal singing bowl in the morning by the lake in the nature
Woman practicing yoga Vrksasana standing tree pose at sunrise in the nature
Tantra and Tantric sexuality spiritual concept of a couple making love with chakra energy flow in a shape of a heart around their bodies

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