For Contributors

For photographers and illustrators interesting in contributing to MaximImages
If you are a photographer or an artist who and highly values your own work and wants a place where your images are sold at fair prices and paid to you with fair royalties, MaximImages is the right place for you. We don't compromise on prices or quality to grow our revenues. We strongly believe in the great balance of things and know how much effort it takes to create unique artworks.

We are interested in representing photographers and illustrators who produce high quality material and understand needs of commercial clients and creative professionals. Our goal is to create a tightly edited library of creative work that stirs our emotions and imagination, artworks full of mystery and inspiration, light and darkness, spirituality, inner beauty and sensuality. Growing the sheer number of images is of no interest to us. Our aesthetics and quality standards are high. Most of the photographs in our library were produced with top of the line photographic equipment, tastefully styled and art directed. A tight selection of the resulting images is carefully hand-picked and skillfully retouched, so be sure to send your best works for review!

Different subjects and styles are welcome. However, images you want to distribute as Right Managed should not have any prior Royalty Free licenses of any kind or be available as Royalty free anywhere else. Images that you want to distribute as traditional Royalty free, should not have any prior microstock Royalty free licenses or be listed with any of the microstock agencies.

Distribution terms
We offer a non-exclusive contract for both Royalty-Free and Rights Managed images, which means that keep the rights to license your images and sell prints elsewhere. You get 60% of all net sales, we keep the 40% to cover the fees and maintain our services. There are no placement, distribution or subscription costs for you. Your files will be stored on our servers in a secure encrypted format. We don't allow download of high-resolution images without a valid license. All low-resolution previews are watermarked with a personalized copyright credit. We know how important copyright and image security is for professional artists and photographers and we treat every creative work with a proper respect and protect it from theft to the best of our abilities.

We provide a contributor portal where you can track your image activity, sales and licenses in real time, and where you can create and configure your personal profile page which includes a Bio, a portfolio and a link to your personal website.

Example of our Rights Managed prices
Single placement on a company website for 1 year
E-book cover Worldwide distribution for 1 year
Promotional outdoor PoP display for 1 year in US
Editorial use on a website or blog for 1 year
Book cover, 10,000 copies printed + e-book for 1 year, World English Language distribution
Paid advertising placement on a website for 1 year
Social media usage for 1 year
More about Licenses...

Prepare your first submission
To send us images for review, please prepare 10-15 of your best works, save them as JPEG quality 9-10, size 500-800 pix on the longest side and email to:

If we are interested in your work, we'll setup an account for you, where you'll be able to read through the details and accept the Contributor's Agreement.

We look forward to seeing your work!
Our Contributors:
Alex Maxim | MaximImages
Alex Maxim
Photographer, Illustrator, 3D artist
BC, Canada
Veronika Maxim | MaximImages
Veronika Maxim
Illustrator, Painter
BC, Canada
Thuy Vo | MaximImages
Thuy Vo
AK, United States
Alessandro Della Torre | MaximImages
Alessandro Della Torre
Mi, Italy
Dmitry Bugaenko | MaximImages
Dmitry Bugaenko
Moscow, Russian Federation
Dan Hecho | MaximImages
Dan Hecho
Kiev, Ukraine