We are starting to add TCM inspired illustrations of organs, their related meridians and acupuncture points to our archive. More images are coming soon.

Liver disharmony is one of the most common health problem in a modern society, that's why we are adding this image to our library first. While we are at it, let us mention the symptoms, lifestyle and diet suggestions related to liver and gallbladder imbalances as the symptoms are important to recognize and the proper lifestyle and diet might help you alleviating the root of the problem.
Liver and Gallbladder disharmony symptoms

Mental, emotional and spiritual:
Indecisiveness, inability or fear of making decisions, rash decision making, attacks of anger, suppressed anger, frustration, resentment, anger rising after having a spicy, hot or fatty meal, moodiness, irritability, shouting in anger, frequent mood swings, depression, procrastination, timidity, shyness, lack of creativity, inspiration and motivation.

Physical (might not be present in early stages):
Inability to digest fats, dry or red skin, red face and eyes, acne, eczema, psoriasis, red cheeks after eating a hot, spicy or fatty food, bitter taste in the mouth, insomnia, disturbed sleep or violent dreams, hypochondriac distention or pain, nausea, dizziness, vomiting, epigastric pain, low appetite, dry or teary eyes, blurry vision, menstrual problems, cramps, dark clotted menstrual blood, breast distention or lumps, paint along the sides of the body, sides of the legs or head, reddish, purple or abnormal color on one or both sides of the tongue.

Liver likes: slightly sour foods in moderate quantities, lightly pungent, sour and sweet foods might help to alleviate symptoms. Whole grains (except wheat), lightly cooked or steamed vegetables, small amount of fruit, sprouted greens and raw vegetables. Avoid big quantities of raw food. Lightly pungent spices: marjoram, basil, mint, rosemary, dill etc. Preferable oils are virgin olive oil, cold pressed flax oil and coconut oil. Seaweed, spirulina, chlorophyll-rich foods.

Avoid: alcohol, smoking, overeating, rich, heavy, fatty, greasy, oily foods, deep fried foods, dairy and cheese, red meats, sugar and artificial sweeteners, coffee, sugary and stimulating drinks, wheat products or whole wheat, peanuts and nut butters, polyunsaturated or refined oils, refined grains, too hot or too cold foods and drinks in general, spicy foods, especially cayenne and other hot peppers, cinnamon and nutmeg, microwaved food, artificial/synthetic additives and medications.

Reduce: eggs, dairy and meats, eat nuts and seeds only in small quantities and lightly roasted (almonds and pumpkin seeds are a better choice), reduce baked, grilled, fried and roasted foods, reduce strong pungent foods, eat moderately pungent foods (ginger, onion, garlic) in small quantities.

Reduce stress, ambitions and desires. Add light, non-straining, non-sweating exercise, Qi Gong, Yoga, dance, walk etc. Eat in small quantities without filling up completely, no more than 2-3 times a day at regular times without snaking in between, chew thoroughly and without distractions, screens, work, talk, reading etc. Rest for half an hour after a meal, don't go back to work right away. Go to bed earlier.

These are just general symptoms and recommendations related to Liver and Gallbladder diseases, which don't take the exact disharmony or a possible complexity of multiple organ or energy channel imbalances, and should not be taken as a medical advice. Consider getting a proper diagnosis and treatment advice from a reputable TCM practitioner if you have some of the symptoms mentioned above.

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Nov 19, 2019
Some of our images used in hot book and magazine cover art designs around the world.

Photography © Alex Maxim / MaximImages.com
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Find some artistic inspiration in our collections below:

Nov 13, 2019
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Art prints of a unique sumi-e painting of Daoist inner alchemy chart Neijing Tu, also called Nei Dan internal firing process alchemical chart by talented artist Veronika Maxim are now available for purchasing and licensing from MaximImages.

Please check Veronika's other latest ink paintings as well:
Tskukubai Japanese traditional wash basin with bamboo and red maples leaves
Asian Dragon with the Night Shining Pearl sumi-e black ink painting on white
Mystical asian dragon coiled playing with his Pearl of Wisdom sumi-e ink painting
Sumi-e ink painting of a blooming sakura branch with gentle pink flowers
Sumi-e painting of a budding cherry blossom branch with budding flowers
Oriental sumi-e ink painting of a sakura branch with pink flowers on white
Zen sumi-e painting of a graceful tall heron and young bamboo
Zen landscape with heron mountains red sun and bamboo sumi-e painting
Delicate curvy cherry blossom branch with gentle pink blossoms sumi-e artwork
Zen sumi-e conceptual painting of Enso ring as a pink cherry blossom branch
Original sumi-e painting of Enso symbol of Mindfulness and Enlightenment in shape of red cherry blossom branch
Asian sumi-e black ink painting of bamboo stalks with root branches
Charming sumi-e ink painting of magnolia branch with large pink flowers
Bamboo stalk  with bushy leaves sumi-e black ink painting on white
An old sage meditating under pine branch with a delighted smile on his face
Abstract portrait of a geisha hiding her face behind a hand fan
Japanese woman burning incense under full moon
Artistic sumi-e nude portrait of a young girl under a blossoming sakura tree
Young Japanese woman hiding her face behind a fan
Old Daoist sage wise master meditating under a pine branch Zen illustration
Artistic painting of a Daoist Immortal master practicing Tai Chi

Oct 23, 2019
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We are putting together a beautiful collection of conceptual fine art imagery depicting a dream-like, ghostly mood by having the subject appear behind a glass or a veil, surrounded by fog or haze, giving the photograph a mysterious, dramatic feel.

All our images are available for instant commercial and editorial licensing as well as art prints and wall art.

Beautiful young woman face behind hazy glass
Beautiful young woman behind glass
Woman blurred silhouette behind glass
Woman blurred hand behind glass
Surreal woman silhouette falling into white misty dream
Abstract illusive silhouette of a nude woman suspended in glowing mist
Sensual art nude portrait of a woman covering her breasts behind wet window in dim night light
Beautiful woman sensual face behind a broken window shattered glass in a dark house
Dramatic conceptual portrait of a woman face behind a broken window pane glass
Dream-like ghostly sensual woman face with red rose behind a hazy foggy glass fine art portrait
Mysterious abstract sensual portrait of woman with her eyes closed by ghostly male hands from behind
Mysterious romantic concept of a woman playing cello in dark dream-like haze behind blurry glass
Man with outstretched hand touching hazy glass surface out from a bright white light
Woman in red dress graceful silhouette suspended in leaping motion behind a veil of bright white foggy haze
Sensual couple kissing standing behind wet glass in an embrace Dreamy abstract fine art concept
Sensual couple behind wet glass man holding a woman by the waist

Aug 13, 2019
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Nudity in photography for me is deeply conceptual and symbolical. It's the shedding of mental constructs, social norms, personal insecurities and numerous layers of the acquired mind. As taking the clothes of our physical bodies, we are exposing the deeper, truer parts of ourselves. Removing the social masks of conditioning from our infinitely complex multidimensional nature.

There is no right or wrong in the core of ourselves. All those acquired values imposed on us by the society, fade away, while the true meaning of our lives and the calls of our souls start to surface. There is no shame in exposing our weaknesses and vulnerabilities stashed away from others and deeply hidden from ourselves. Exposing them to ourselves and accepting them in our deepest core is the only way to heal and strengthen our beings. After all, I see life as a workshop or even a battleground of the development of our souls. I wouldn't for anything just let this magical existence to pass by in delusion and indulgence.

Of course, not all art nude photography conveys these concepts. It's only when the photographer's and the model's intent is aligned with this purpose, and the viewer is open to seeing the depth and the subtleties reflected in the image. As a photographer, I am on an infinite journey of refining my skills and the messages I am trying to deliver through my work. This is a life-long battle with myself.

Alex Maxim / MaximImages.com

Beautiful naked woman body covered with oriental red fan Artistic nude Zen
Sensual erotic bodyscape of nude woman breast Black and white
Fine art nude of woman body with trees and leaves exposed on it
Sensual nude photo of a Woman suspended in mid-air on bondage rope with flowing cloth around her body
Beautiful woman making splits in the air with flowing blue cloth wrapped around her body
Surreal woman silhouette falling into white misty dream
Japanese woman in black kimono revealing side of her nude body standing in a graceful pose Sepia toned
Sensual asian woman with naked back sitting in a Japanese house with autumn scenery garden view
Beautiful nude woman body with pink camellia flowers artistic concept
Beautiful nude woman lying naked on a trunk of a tree in the nature Sepia fine art
Sensual couple making love behind wet shower glass black and white
Dream-like ghostly sensual woman face with red rose behind a hazy foggy glass fine art portrait
Nude aboriginal tribal woman witchcraft ritual with a shamanic drum dancing at night in front of bonfire on full moon
Nude native woman performing shamanic witchcraft ritual dancing by the fire in light of a full moon at night
Beautiful nude woman standing at a tall pine tree in forest
Ominous concept of beautiful mysterious woman holding deer antlers close to her bare chest

Beautiful works of our contributors:

Nude woman with long white hair leaning against the rocks in the nature
Nude woman lying down curled up on the ground in a forest
Nude woman standing gracefully on rocks in mountain landscape scenery Black and white
Nude woman lying curled up on the roots of a tree in forest
Fine art black and white photograph of a naked woman hugging a horse in the forest
Topless young woman posing beside a brown horse Fine art nude portait
Expressive black and white fine art photo of a young naked woman with a horse
Romantic fine art black and white nude photograph of a young woman lying on the horse
Fine art nude woman sitting naked on a posing table in artist studio
Expressive portrait of a nude woman with short hair standing against bare wall
Sensual portrait of a woman lying nude on the floor with closed eyes Black and white
Fine art nude of three naked women leaning against an ancient gnarled old tree
Woman in elegant dress with a low cut revealing her naked back
Sensual portrait of a young woman with freckles lying naked by sunlit window casting shadows on her skin

Jun 28, 2019
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