MaximImages Professional Image Retouching Services

Photo Retouching Services. Post Production.
MaximImages is based in Toronto, Canada and offers professional photo retouching services of any complexity.

You can see our before/after work samples below. Our rates are based on complexity of required retouching. Please contact us to get a quote for your project. We will require sample unretouched images showing the complexity of work and, optionally, images depicting the desired end result.

Beauty and Portrait Retouching
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Beauty and portrait retouching services: cleaning up skin without losing its realistic feel and detail; adjusting skin tones; removing or softening wrinkles; fixing makeup/hair/clothes; changing makeup/hair/clothes color; softening light/shadows; color correction.

Fashion and Glamour Retouching
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Fashion and glamour retouching services: cleaning up skin; adjusting skin tones; adjusting body shape; fixing/recoloring clothes/hair/makeup; fixing lighting/shadows; removing distractions; color correction.

Product and Automotive Retouching
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Product, still life, automotive retouching services: product, still life, food, electronics, jewelry, automotive retouching; etc.); focus stacking; object isolation and clipping path services; adding/removing shadows; cleaning up imperfections; color correction.

Architectural Retouching
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Architectural retouching: fixing perspective and angles; combining panoramic images; combining multiple exposure bracketed photos; bringing out the details; removing distractions and imperfections; change of daytime/sky/light/shadows; color correction.

Advanced Retouching, image composition
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Advanced photo composition/manipulation services: combining multiple images; creating 3D backgrounds; 3D modeling and illustration services; focus stack; advanced image manipulation and complex retouching.