Illustration of Cross section of skin showing structure of a healthy hair follicle and a whitehead filled with sebum

This Royalty-Free stock illustration of Cross section of skin showing structure of a healthy hair follicle and a whitehead filled with... by Alex Maxim (Oleksiy Maksymenko), is available for commercial and editorial usage. You can buy a license of this image at MaximImages.com.
Cross section of skin showing structure of a healthy hair follicle and a whitehead filled with sebum

Cross section of skin showing structure of a healthy hair follicle with sebaceous glands and a whitehead acne pimple filled with sebum, pus or white cells. Medical 3D illustration isolated on white background.

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Royalty-Free illustration of Medical 3D illustration of a Cross section of skin showing structure of a healthy hair follicle with sebaceous glands, capillary and arrector pili hair muscle on left and a whitehead pimple filled with sebum, pus or white cells. Skin care and acne concept. Unlike widely believed, whiteheads are not normally caused by bad hygiene or skin infection. These papule or comedo are swelling because our skin is one of the most effective organs for discharging dead white cells. White cells on the other hands are produced by our immune system to eliminate bad bacteria from our body. Thus acne or pimples is the result of our body dumping dead white cells through our skin pores. In order to solve our skin problems we have to look deeper into our health in order to understand what can be causing this. One of the most common sources of such a problem is the body's allergic reaction to certain proteins in our diet. In order to solve the mystery of our immune system we have to isolate the proteins that cause this problem by eliminating all protein rich foods and then introducing them one by one. In general the proteins in question will cause an allergic reaction over a term of 3-6 hours. Some of the most common proteins that can cause this problem are found in dairy (milk, cheese, yogurt etc.), legumes (green beans, kidney beans, chickpeas, lentils any other types of legumes), meats and sometimes nuts, eggs. For people with a sensitive immune system and skin prone to problems, a vegetarian diet, in some cases without beans, is recommended. The second important factor in having a healthy skin is our body pH balance, which should be approximately pH7.4, but normally ranging between 7-8 during the day. This 3D illustration is isolated on white background and is readily available for commercial and editorial usage. This image is available for licensing for a variety of editorial and commercial uses in publications, designs, web and social media.
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