Photo of Beautiful nude woman body with forest nature design on it

This Rights-Managed stock photo of Beautiful nude woman body with forest nature design on it by Alex Maxim, is available for commercial, editorial or personal usage. You can buy a license of this image at MaximImages.com.
Beautiful nude woman body with forest nature design on it

Beautiful nude woman body with dynamic forest nature design double exposed on it, on white background

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Rights-Managed photo of Abstract unusual photograph of a young woman curled up with exposed profile of breasts and an overlay of trees emanating from the center of the picture. Black and white on white background. This image is available for licensing for a variety of editorial and commercial uses in publications, designs, web and social media.
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This Rights-Managed stock photo 'Beautiful nude woman body with forest nature design on it' is created by Alex Maxim and can be licensed for your advertising, corporate, editorial or other use. Click 'Buy Usage Rights' to estimate the license fee and add the image to cart. Licensed files are delivered electronically as soon as the payment is processed.

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