MaximImages is opening doors to new contributors
After being a private collection of commercially available photographs for 7 years, MaximImages is opening its doors to new contributors.

We are very happy to extend this offer to all artists, photographers, illustrators who want to license their images commercially online and make their work easily available to publishers, advertising agencies, editors and designers.

We are looking for unique perspectives, tasteful art direction and execution, original and inspiring ideas. All those beautiful images you have created and which are just sitting on your hard drive or just being a part of your portfolio, whether commercial or personal projects, we want to see them.

Or maybe you already tried to license your images online but got discouraged by extremely unfair commissions, ridiculously low prices that cannot justify even the time expenses, high subscription costs, copyright grabs or questionable contracts? There are no costs for you to have your images with us. We share the income from sales and we are only interested in a mutually beneficial, fair and open relationship with our contributors. We offer the best royalty know in the industry and we don't ever plan to change it. While agencies keep lowering photographers' commission to 15-20% from the traditional 50%, We are offering you 60% of sales.

Our goal is to have warm, friendly relations with all our contributors and customers. Our inspiration is to bring the unique, beautifully executed, refined imagery, which is so hard to find nowadays, and even harder to find available for commercial licensing, to our creative publishers and designers. We don't want to join the race for the biggest number of pictures, have the biggest number of sales, and trying to become the largest image supplier. We are doing it purely for the sake of art and the inner artist in all of us.

If you want to become one of our contributors, please read this page Contributing to MaximImages, and let us know once you are ready to send us your first submission. As for the subjects we are looking for? That's a good question, we are looking for all subjects, but we want them to be tastefully done with an artistic approach. Natural, casual, suggestive, controversial, creative, unusual, sensual, candid, inspirational, just keep them coming, we'd like to see them all. Not all will make it into our archive but we give them a fair chance.

It doesn't matter to us if you are a professional or a hobbyist, if you are from the US, Canada, Europe, Russia, Asia or anywhere in the world. Even if you cannot communicate in English and write your image titles and keywords, we extend our invitation to you and we will help you to get your images seen and your vision and talent recognized at no cost to you.

Thank you for bringing the beauty and inspiration to all of us!

Alex and Veronika Maxim
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