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This app is a must-have for all professional and amateur photographers, photography students and instructors who work with artificial or natural light in studio settings or outdoors.

The app features a comprehensive set of photography lighting equipment and light modifiers that can be configured and documented in all details and used in conjunction with a variety of available studio props and model poses.

Never forget a setup again! Document it to the very last detail. Now you can do it easily on an iPhone or iPad and share between your devices. Intuitive user-friendly interface and photo-realistic graphics will save your time and take the stress out of your lighting setup.

This app is available at iTunes store:
Photo Studio Light Setup iPhone/iPad app at iTunes store

and at Google Play store:
Photo Studio Light Setup Android app at Google Play store

It can be found in App store by entering 'Studio Light Setup' into the search field.

We look forward to your feedback!

I’ve used Studio Light Setup since it’s release, tested it vigorously, banged on it, bent it, kicked it, and everything else you can think of. I responded to Alex with feedback and my thoughts and received timely responses every time. I asked for enhancements, he added them and more!

This app is about as ROCK SOLID as they come. If you are even remotely interested in diagraming and/or documenting your lighting for future recall, or care to lend delegation of setups to assistants, this app is worth every penny! I can’t say enough good about it, or the support you get with it. If Alex comes out with an OS X version of it, I’m SOLD! It would be tremendous to have this on your tethered laptop while shooting. Nuff said…


Great app for photographers who want to document their lighting.


I attend a photography school and this app has helped a lot. It's very easy to use and being able to save a set up for later is very useful for class. The save to photo library makes it simple to share with others and for school assignments. The best feature for work and school is the ability to attach a reference photo. You can use it show what lighting setup was used for a specific photo. The only thing it needs is more options for lighting and modifiers. Booms, flags, and things like that. It would also be useful to have an tilted up option to go with the tilted down option.


We are overjoyed to offer you an absolutely unique versatile and inspiring yoga meditation app to assist you on your inner journeying. It offers an extensive and in-depth guide to the most prominent yoga meditation techniques, with visuals and information on chakras and mudras.

The app features an array of tools such as timer, candle light, crystal and Tibetan bowl recordings and other natural ambient sounds to meet your every sensory preference. If you wish to track your progress in terms of the quality of your meditation, we have integrated a very useful statistics tool which contributes your results to your Apple Health records.

The highlight of this app is the 'Chakral Journey' option where one can 'move' up or down chakras with the crystal bowl sounds attuned to the frequency of every chakra to facilitate the purifying and energizing effect of such practice. Whether you are a beginner or an advanced practitioner, this app can be a valuable addition to your yoga routine.

Just as peace is the inherent nature of this world, which rather than being "made" needs to be realized ("real eyes-ed", perceived with the eyes of the heart); silence is the natural state of our mind. Peace is amidst all chaos and conflict, whether we realize it or not our whole planet is blanketed in peace. It's what becomes apparent once we remove humans from the environment; we are immediately struck with the resonance of peace. The same way silence is in the heart of the whirlwind of our minds. Our minds have the innate ability to be quiet and meditation is the surest way to harness it. Our task therefore is not to change our mind and make it more peaceful but to rise above it and realize the ever-peaceful Self. When we are quiet within, we are in touch with our true Self, our genius.

Meditation is the state in which we systematically allow our minds to return to their natural state of stillness. The word systematically is of paramount importance because meditation is not a meditation unless it is a habit. We have strayed too far from our still point. Our minds are freeways, generating thoughts from the moment we wake up and until we fall asleep at night and well into our dreaming state. Our nervous system is thus full of obstructions, imprints and impurities that block our natural state from manifesting in the world. This makes it hard to see or sometimes even to believe that we possess a natural capacity to be still and silent. The silent seed within us needs to be awakened.

The effects of meditation, as of any other spiritual practice, are cumulative. It means that only through regular honest practice full of intent will we gradually see our inner silence manifesting in our daily lives. It is akin to digging for gold. The digging process doesn't resemble the treasure chest full of gold, but it is the digging that gets us to it! So let's dig in!

Please use the iTunes link Yoga Deep Meditation or search for 'Yoga Deep Meditation' in the app store.

In this application we try to emphasize highly effective traditional Buddhist meditation techniques practiced by Shaolin monks in China in order to achieve peacefulness of mind, improve health and quality of life, reduce stress, understand yourself and people around you better, improve focus and learn to accumulate internal energy (Qi).

This app features a simple and intuitive interface with beautiful natural sound effects of recorded traditional Chinese instruments used by Buddhist monks during meditation as well as a unique effective meditation method with a burning candle.

An important feature of this app is the ability to track your progress of silent meditation over the years of practice and inspire your continuous personal growth.

The configurability of the app makes it easy to be used for a variety of meditation methods, and the provided detailed instructions will allow you to start practicing techniques that have proven to be extremely effective for thousands of years of Buddhist tradition and in modern world.

Please use the iTunes link Shaolin Meditation or search for 'Shaolin Meditation' in the app store.

Drum Tracker is a drum machine app for you iPad/iPhone with a very intuitive interface for creating, editing and playing drum track patterns.

Drum Tracker comes with a preloaded library of commonly used drum beats which can be played on their own or serve as a base for your tracks.

You might be a drummer who wants to document your own drum beats or a musicians that needs a drum track playing in the background while you practice your instrument. This app is for you.