Photo of Meditating Woman with Chakra Flowers Growing from Root

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Meditating Woman with Chakra Flowers Growing from Root

Woman sitting in lotus pose with seven chakra symbols represented as associated with chakras flowers and colors growing from a root chakra isolated on green background

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Rights-Managed photo of Yoga and Chakras artistic conceptual illustration. This image has an unusual representation of human body chakras or energy gates as flowers and colors associated with the energies in those chakras and related to the human body Tantric energy flow. This illustration is a wonderful representation of Eastern Hindu and Zen philosophy and human health. The image has a light green background and a woman silhouette filled with white. The Chakra flowers grow on a stem rooted into the ground from a Root chakra Muladhara, followed by Svadhishthana sacral chakra red lilly, Manipura solar plexus chakra yellow chamomile or daisy, Anahata heart chakra pink camellia, Vishuddha throat chakra blue bellflower, Ajna third eye chakra violet flower, and Sahasrara crown chakra purple Lotus flower. This image is available for licensing for a variety of editorial and commercial uses in publications, designs, web and social media.
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